About us

Introduction and creed

Software development, innovation, creativity and commitment

Prosper Software House is highlighted with its more than a quarter century past as one of the oldest software firms in the country.

Our name, Prosper refers to our main goal as well: we make efforts to gain profit mutually with our customers. That means the aim to be more and more prosperous and to fulfil our mission always on a higher level. Therefore we pursue the major importance of creating long-term cooperation with all of our partners.

Prosper’s business policy focuses on the CUSTOMER, the QUALITY and the PROFIT. Every time and in all their activities our colleagues keep in mind the goals outlined by these concepts.

Prosper Szofverház Ltd. (or rather its legal predecessor Prosper Szofverház Ltd Partnership) was established in the spring of 1991 by Hungarian engineers and software engineering mathematicians. In the initial years the activity has been limited almost entirely to software development, later extended to consulting on information technology (IT-system building, operation, maintenance) and trading.

The growing number of customers has triggered a more complex approach to task accomplishment leading to the expansion of the scope of activities, sophisticated methodologies and techniques.

These days the Prosper Software House offers wide-scale company and IT consulting services to satisfy the needs of smaller and medium size organizations. Our colleagues have master or bachelor degrees completed by wide-scale professional experience. The average age of the staff is about 35. The resulting creativity combined with dynamism and the associated system-focused approach of our people ensures a reliable basis for us to provide excellent quality services.

The mission of Prosper is to become a long-term partner with steady economic and human background. We want our clients to regard our services and products as high-level and value-added ones of outstanding quality.

In the business each serious decision is a milestone, consequently also the information background is of paramount importance for the correct decision making. It is our aim to provide our customers efficient tools to support them in the decision making process.

With its activity Prosper offers various solutions for its clients, which integrate and/or include the potential of technical and human resources and the knowledge in order to improve the quality of the customers’ activity, to increase their productivity and to intensify the development of the infocommunication culture. This can be achieved at any stage of the processes, and also in a complex way, by completing IT and company management projects.


In case You can't find the right software in the market that meets your expectations or it does not provide the required expertise, or You've already had negative experiences, please, contact us and let us discuss the possibilities of making progress.


Péter Csikár CEO