Usage of client communication system

For having a better communication with our clients, Prosper Software House operates a reporting system. The aim of this is the proper documentation of your remarks both in time and in content.

You or we can find any actual or former record, can reopen a closed title, or can add further comments.
This web-application is at the moment not available in English, so if you are not familiar with Hungarian, please take a helper.
Of course, for contracted clients we will provide an English version.

After submitting the system automatically forwards every remark or record to our experts, who react to the event as soon as they can.

For using the system, please enter your user name in the 'User name' box on the left side. Also type in the password given by you earlier and click on the 'Login' button. The communication site opens in a new window (or tab).

After login, choose the project you wish to refer to and click on the 'Hiba bejelentése' link to access the input form. Please, in the subject ('Leírás') section give us a short, but exact description making our colleagues able to understand and reproduce the situation.

If you wish to add the link of the communication system to the bookmarks / favorites of your browser, you can reach it using the following link:

Client communication system regarding Prosper products (new tab)

Prosper Team