Software development, services in IT and energetics

Our professional portfolio

In the more and more diversified world of creating IT infrastructure, our company has achieved high level competences having spent more than 25 years in the ICT industry. Nowadays certain branches of IT get nearer to one another, or brand new hardware-software technologies spring up within one or two years.

Prosper does not aim to become an expert of each and every technical branch, but we do make efforts to benefit the industrial development involving our core competence. We need to do so in order to remain competitive and to meet our customers' needs on a high level.

  • Informatics consulting
  • Develeopment of complex ERPs and warehousing systems
  • Planning and develeopment of software, web applications, websites

Development of ERP systems

The applications we develope are based on the Customer's processes; this way potential future traps and inconveniences can be avoided which might just arise - from an even well meant - task specification.

The great quality of Prosper's end product is guaranteed by the professional experiences of several decades and the robust, reliable development environment.

From technical aspect our software can be thick or thin client solutions but nowadays the two are combined and used as a hybrid. Information handling is done at all times by a robust SQL server.

Development of warehouse logistics systems

Warehousing activity requires accurate, precise and fast operation. With its more than 15 years of warehousing experiences Prosper can help fulfill these expectations. In fact the introduction of our system reduces the shortage and the time spent with inventory, the items can be localized exactly and the number of serving errors can drop to almost zero.
Some important functions:

  • Automatic storage cell offer
  • Manual and forklift commissioning
  • Stock accounts in quality and value
  • Customs clearance at selling (not at arrival)
  • Free stock cell arrangement (chaotic stocking)
  • Revision, collective revision
  • Double round blind inventory
  • Electronic data exchange to third parties (forwarder, customs agent)

Web application and webshop development

Internet presence is trivial today so the question for companies and shops is rather the content and unique appearance. With the increase of internet speed business solutions can be made with a serious data traffic. Thus massive thick client solutions can be completed really well with web modules or even independent web applications can be created as well.

We have already made complicated add-on module for sales information system, multilingual wholesale and retail webshop based on more companies' information system in more countries, special analyzing software and simple websites. In general we provide the following criteria:

  • Business process based development
  • Generally deep and complicated background functions (backend)
  • Responsive appearance (mobile friendly)
  • Search enigine optimization
  • We are eager to face even the most complicated challenges :)

IT consulting

Any IT environment or infrastructure can have a real business value only if it is continuously operational, its errors are always corrected. Our goal is to make sure that our Customers' valuable work is not blocked by any IT issue. In order to achieve this Prosper does:

  • Server virtualization
  • Supervision, maintenance: hardware / software / server / client
  • IT consultancy
  • Electronic document handling ( e-marketplace, data interchange - EDI)
  • Planning and realizing of IT infrastructure

Infrastructure development

Prosper's technological environment makes extraordinary flexibility and platform independence, even at a reasonably priced serving infrastructure or even more for free. The goal is that the IT infrastructure helps utilizing the resources of the customer the most efficient way. Therefore we provide the following services:

  • Server virtualization
  • Supervising of server software, operation systems, office applications
  • Security software
  • Used brand PC-s and notebooks with warranty
  • Other hardware units, PC-s, periferies

Management consulting

A management consulting project is often indirectly related to software development as the first work phase. Prosper's main activity, software development requires the assessing, interpreting and in case rationalising the Customer's work processes so that a future software can lean on it throughout its whole lifecycle.

Thus it is obvious to utilize the process assessment's results to reveal hidden blocks and make the processes more efficient, and on the other hand make use for software development. Of course measuring inner and outer customer feedbacks plays also a crucial role at tuning the organisation to the processes and shaping regulations.

Energetics administration

Our energetics administration application helps systematize the consumption, energy costs and the relating building data, invoice file and business correspondence of a municipality or a company.
It is an extra advantage that the belonging institution hierarchy underneath e.g. a local government can be handled flexibly and the user rights ensure the proper official way in accessibility.

We provide supervision, analysis and storage of data for remotely readable electric meters. Based on our energetics experience of twenty years we have created such a support system that massively reduces the precious working time spent on analysing the consumption data. It is an immense help for energeticists!

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Mobile application development

We are at Your service when it comes to business applications' extention to mobile device or developing an independent mobile application as well. The native written mobile application's great advantage is that you always have it by hand, it can be integrated with the telephone's services or metadata, and - unlike a web application - it can be used offline without internet connection.

  • Android and iOS
  • Solo business applications or accessories
  • Up to date technologies
  • Innovation

Intelligent home

Comfort and energy saving: With the help of your smart phone you can control the blinds, the lighting and heating system, the pool and every other device through the internet from any location of the world. Control and reduce energy consumption!
Security and protection: You can easily check wheather every door is locked or the alarm is set. Through the camera your home can be watched from inside and outside. With one simple touch on the phone, the whole plumbing of the house can be shut down. This way you can prevent potential damages caused by a pipe breakage.
Complex and closed system: Forget all the theoretically standard, nevertheless with each other uncommunicating controllers. We provide a smart home system with elements of 100% compatibility.

Our products' lifecycle

Our complex applications deeply integrated in company processes prove to be viable since they are up to date and fresh even for decades thanks to their thorough and continuous development.

Thorough and creative planning. Precise task specification


High-end and efficient development


Operation and maintenance